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Fiscal Year Demographics 2020-21

BOEC is very proud of the number of participants we were able to serve in 2020-21 despite the ongoing pandemic. These numbers are skewed from a “normal” year due to the Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Program operating at half capacity, all residential Wilderness Programs being canceled over the 2020-21 winter, and limited programming during the 2021 summer.

Ski Wilderness Total All Programs
Unique Individuals Served 633 762 1,395*
Programming Days 1,955 2,565 4,520
Adults (24+) 31% 25% 28%
All Youth (3-23) 69% 75% 72%
Male 55%
Female 40%
Gender Not Indicated 5%
Participants From CO 61%
Participants From Out of State  39%**
Amount of Scholarship $47,505 $29,445 $139,147 ($62,197 Military)
% of Individuals on Scholarship 58%

*Please note that as offerings grow, several participants are starting to participate across both the Ski and Wilderness Programs, therefore some participants may be duplicated. This total participant number also includes military participants.

**Historically, participants have hailed from all 50 states + Washington, DC. BOEC continues to add to its list of international participants, as this year participants came from over 10 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

***The Most commonly served disabilities in 2020-2021 were: At-risk youth, autism, ADD/ADHD, amputees, cleft lip & palate, cerebral palsy, developmentally/cognitive/learning disabled, Down syndrome, local youth suffering from social isolation, mental illness, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and visually impaired.

BOEC 2021 Fact Sheet Infographic

Upcoming Events

Wilderness Camp

June 26 @ 10:00 am - June 30 @ 1:30 pm

Camp Big Tree

July 7 @ 1:30 pm - July 11 @ 1:30 pm

Adventures Within

August 27 - August 31

Outdoor Active Retreat

September 15 - September 18