BOEC Donor, John Parke, shreds

John doing what he loves best

Every day we are fortunate to get to know more about those donors that give to BOEC. Every single person who gives has their own story about why and each is equally meaningful. This month we’d like to introduce you to John who gives monthly to BOEC. Here is what John told us when we reached out to say thank you and ask him for his “why”:

BOEC Donor John Parke

Hiking is another favorite activity of John’s

“We have hiked around the center (Scott Griffith Lodge) in the summer, attended a few of the other events put on by the BOEC (Banff Film Fest, etc), and have seen your team out on the hill in the winter. There are many good causes in Summit County with spirited people behind them, especially the BOEC. We

John Parke

John gets down and dirty on a bike ride

appreciate what your mission is and would like to do our small part in choosing to support the BOEC. Obviously living up here brings an appreciation for certain activities and the many physical and psychological benefits those can bring to a person. Thank you for bringing these experiences to the people that you do. Keep up the awesome work and vibe. Lastly, I am so sorry that this pandemic has interrupted your programming…this too shall pass!”

Thank you John for supporting the BOEC!

To learn more about how you can give back to BOEC, please visit our Ways to Give page.