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During this 4-day, 3-night Outdoor Active Retreat (OAR), BOEC offers a unique outdoor experience for adults living with Parkinson’s Disease. This is a great opportunity to get outside, try new activities and meet other adults who are also living with Parkinson’s.

Activities are customized for the specific group but may include hiking, canoeing, stretching and movement exercises. Participants will be able to enjoy activities and share experiences or challenges in a fun and safe environment. The program is based in Breckenridge at BOEC’s Scott Griffith Lodge.

Included in the program are healthy meals, specialty equipment, professional instruction and 24-hour staffing. All participants should be independent with personal care tasks or provide a personal care attendant.

For more information please call 1-800-383-2632 or email [email protected].

Scholarships are available.

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