Since 2012, the Davignon Charitable Fund (DCF) has been supporting the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) in a variety of ways, ranging from vehicle upkeep to equipment donations. Even prior to any financial commitments from DCF, the Davignon family participated with The  Hartford Ski Spectacular, an event in Breckenridge which BOEC hosts in partnership with Move United. This relationship started in a very personal way with this 501(c)3 organization when the family started ski lessons with BOEC. While the family is no longer able to hit the slopes, this doesn’t stop them  from continually sharing their generosity with the BOEC and we couldn’t be happier with their support.

“For nearly 10 years now, DCF has targeted its giving toward adaptive equipment and hard assets in order for BOEC to have the safest and most up-to-date equipment pool to serve their clients. BOEC built confidence and self assuredness immeasurably for the family members whom participated with BOEC. It was part of the foundation that helps us all move forward and keeps us doing so well today, two decades later” says DCF President, Leslie McLaughlin.

BOEC Paddle boarding

CLE participants utilizing DCF’s donated paddleboards

DCF supplies BOEC with specific equipment donations that have helped a variety of BOEC populations. In the summer of 2019 for example, the Foundation donated paddle boards that benefitted participants in our College Living Experience (CLE) group among several others in the Wilderness Program. We had over 70 groups participate in the Wilderness Program that summer, nearly all of which take some time on water and utilize these donated water crafts.

The aforementioned CLE is an agency that helps provide support to young adults with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and other varying exceptionalities who are transitioning to independent living for the first time. BOEC has been working with CLE for 11 years now providing 40+ young adults an opportunity to come to the BOEC Wilderness Campus for four days of outdoor fun. Broken into four groups of 10, each group rotates through different outdoor activities such as our adaptive ropes course, outdoor leadership games, rock climbing and paddle boarding on the water. The paddle boards were a huge hit for the CLE group, and although some young adults were hesitant to try at first, after a bit of encouragement, they were out there helping each other balance on the boards and having the time of their lives.

DCF's custom built trailer

DCF’s custom built trailer for the new paddle boards

DCF’s donation is a lot more than equipment for those we serve. For groups like this, it is a metaphor for life, that they can trust in themselves and achieve balance with a little bit of help.

Over the years DCF has contributed to both the Wilderness and Adaptive Ski Programs with everything from mono-ski equipment to oars and, most recently, a custom built trailer to transport all the paddle boards they have helped to provide.

“The Davignon Charitable Fund continues to support BOEC as multiple Board of Directors members have hands-on experience both volunteering and participating with the BOEC and the value they bring to participants and their families,” says DCF Board Member Christina Bos.

Canoes stacked on the custom built trailer

Canoes stacked on the custom built trailer

“Working with the Davignon Charitable Fund has been an absolute pleasure,” says Development Manager, Hallie Jaeger. “We try to touch base multiple times a year just to share updates. Leslie and the BOD are always extremely giving and truly invested in helping to support BOEC. We are so grateful for our continued relationship and look forward to many years to come!”