Gravity Haus Breckenridge

Aerial view of Gravity Haus in Breckenridge

Gravity Haus (GH) is the Donor Spotlight this month because of their new and impactful dedication to our cause. BOEC and GH have a synergy of missions, so developing this new corporate partnership came effortlessly. Gravity Haus aims to create a sense of community for the modern adventurer through their uniquely designed guest rooms, functional co-working spaces, world class guided experiences, thoughtfully crafted food and cocktails, and holistic training and recovery. This new organization is significant to BOEC because they aim to be inclusive of all adventurers, including the amazing population of individuals with special needs and disabilities BOEC serves, and they are conveniently located just steps away from the Peak 9 ski office.

Ainsley and Kevin Kennedy

Ainsley and Kevin Kennedy

BOEC’s ski office and development team had been eyeing GH as a partner prospect throughout their construction last year just due to their proximity to the Peak 9 ski office. Around the same time early last fall, the development team was busy searching for a great story and picture to feature for the 2020 holiday appeal and Ainsley Kennedy came up as a front runner. You may have noticed her and her father Kevin in our recent email campaign and can check out their full story here. As Kevin and Hallie, BOEC’s development manager, discussed Ainsley’s perseverance on the hill, Kevin also brought up that he would like to figure out how Gravity Haus could support BOEC, since he is the Chief Financial Officer and had been so touched by both organizations dedicated to appreciating outdoor adventure. Obviously, this was music to Hallie’s ears. We are grateful to report a valued relationship has been ignited between the BOEC, the entire Kennedy family, and the Gravity Haus Team.  Ainsley and her family just returned this January for their second family ski-trip to Breckenridge and stayed at the Gravity Haus which made it extremely convenient to get to BOEC lessons.

Gravity Haus Breckenridge exterior

Gravity Haus Breckenridge Exterior. Photo courtesy of Summit Daily.

BOEC welcomes Gravity Haus as a new corporate donor. In addition to their $5,000 contribution this 2020-21 fiscal year, there are several other perks GH is offering BOEC adventurers. Any BOEC participant and their family can receive a discount on guest rooms at the Breckenridge GH location. Both organizations are confident more details will develop as this relationship continues. Please check out the BOEC lodging section of the website or contact Booking at and input “BOEC” as the promo code. You may also call Reservations at 970-453-5125 and let them know you are a BOEC participant to receive the discounted room rate. Please note, the discount applies to Sunday – Wednesday only, and no holiday weeks. GH  cares about creating a sense of community on and off the mountain and has ADA accessible rooms available.

As you can see, corporate partnerships are not always so “corporate” and a lot of compassion and due diligence go into an agreement of support.  A corporate gift helps BOEC provide participants with life changing outdoor experiences. If you or your organization would like to support BOEC we can be creative in what type of partnership evolves. Please feel free to reach out to Hallie Jaeger, BOEC’s development manager, to start the conversation, just like Kevin did.