BOEC Donor, Nancy Fegley

Nancy Fegley

Tell us About Yourself: I live in Breckenridge and Easton, PA. I grew up in Pennsylvania and attended college in PA. I have a degree in Medical Technology and an MBA. I had the opportunity to have a career in healthcare and many years in the pharmaceutical industry. My hobbies are skiing, hiking and biking. I also had the opportunity to travel internationally in my pharmaceutical career and continue to travel in retirement.

How did you first learn about the BOEC? I first heard about BOEC when I was skiing at Keystone and saw the Keystone Adaptive Center office at the Mountain House. I also rode the Quicksilver lift at Breckenridge and talked to some BOEC instructors.

Nancy Fegley

Nancy Fegley

Why was it important for you to give? It is important for me to give to BOEC so instructors and interns can get scholarships for ski certification classes.

What is your favorite BOEC memory? My favorite memories are at the end of the day when the children meet their parents and they are all smiles after a day of skiing.

What do you wish others knew about BOEC? BOEC operates year-round and their clients have varied types of disabilities. I am not sure how much people realize how instrumental the winter and summer interns are to BOEC.

To learn more about how you can give back to BOEC, please visit our Ways to Give page.