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CamPossible is an overnight camp for kids with cerebral palsy (CP) ages 8-12. This 3-day camp is designed to meet the unique needs of these children and will adapt activities to foster success and a sense of achievement while camping with peers in a mountain setting.

The camp will focus on promoting independence, confidence, social skills, and self-esteem. Children will live, work, and play in a “family” group of 6-8 campers, 2-3 outdoor educators from Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, and 2-3 specialized therapists (occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech therapist) from Children’s Hospital Colorado. Campers will assist in cooking and cabin clean-up along with peers and adults and will participate in a variety of activities such as climbing, canoeing, ropes courses, and outdoor education. Other activities include crafts and group games. Involvement in these programs promotes motor skills, coordination, problem-solving, and self-confidence.

Eligible Participants

The CamPossible program is intended for children 8-14 years of age with cerebral palsy who are independently mobile with or without the use of adaptive equipment including walkers and crutches. In addition, the following criteria for participation have been established:

  • Does not have significant cognitive or language limitations
  • Must be able to use a toilet with minimal assistance from an adult
  • Must be able to follow instructions and comply with adult requests
  • Must be able to remain in a group of up to 13 people without constant on-on-one attention
  • May not have extreme emotional an/or psychological distress


Families are responsible for transportation to and from Denver and the Griffith Lodge in Breckenridge.

Application Process

To express interest or questions, please contact Shanna Musick, PT at [email protected] or 720-478-2329. Applications are due by June 15, 2022. 

All applicants will be screened for appropriateness and must meet all of the requirements for involvement. Priority will be given to applications that are 100% completed and on a first come basis.

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