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BOEC and the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program bring you the Heroic San Juan River Trip for military veterans who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, or other debilitating injury, in the service of their country and their family members. The program is designed to accommodate veterans who have sustained a moderate to significant injury which has resulted in the veteran being unable to continue in active service, but willing and able to engage in adventurous and adaptive outdoor activity. Participants must be non-violent and enjoy other people. Behaviors such as verbal outbursts, perseveration, or other forms of communication are welcomed. Children as young as 10 years old are welcome.

A classic western river trip format will be utilized. Floating down river in rafts will provide access to a true wilderness environment while providing the ability to serve veterans who have mobility restrictions. An educational component will also be included by providing exposure to the prehistoric culture of the four-corners region.

The trip will be conducted on the San Juan River in southeast Utah through beautiful desert canyon country and offers mild to moderate white water that is suitable for vets with significant injury and families with kids. Sandy beaches & camps, ancient rock art and beautiful scenery will be highlights of the trip.

BOEC believes that veterans who have sustained a traumatic brain injury and other debilitating injuries are a vastly under-served segment of our returning veterans. The trip will be designed primarily as a fun family experience with activities focused on all attending. The outcomes of the trip will flow from the activities and experience such as; increased family bonding and integration, fun and relaxation, new knowledge and skills and increased understanding of being a family while living with severe injury.

Transportation: Participants can drive personal vehicles to the river site or utilize BOEC transportation.

Weather: Expect hot and sunny conditions with thunderstorms possible.

Mobility: Veterans with mobility limitations are welcome on this trip but the ability to assist with self-rescue in the event of falling out of a boat is essential. Participants must be able to roll over and sit up without assistance.

Medical Care: BOEC staff is Wilderness First Responder trained and experienced within the wilderness setting. This allows the staff to respond to typical medical situations that arise on wilderness trips. Participants considering this trip should be stable in their personal medical condition and able to be away from advanced medical care for several days. Typically, participants who have entered a long-term orientation to their care and condition are suitable for this type of trip. Being able to tolerate exposure to heat and sun is critical for this trip.

Personal Care: BOEC is recognized for its ability to work with people who would be excluded from participation in standard outdoor trips and will provide personal assistance for our clients. This can be assistance with; transfers, mobility, daily living skills such as dressing, eating and bathing. Because this is a river trip, bathing is possible whenever one wishes by cleaning up in the river. Using soap is fine, so staying clean, if a bit sandy, is easy. During August, getting in the river will be very pleasant.

Toileting: On river trips all solid human waste must be contained and transported out of the river corridor. An approved human waste transport system, (basically a rocket box fitted with an internal tank and a toilet seat) called a “groover”, will be used for this purpose. Participants must be able to sit on the groover with minimal assistance and have the ability to clean themselves after toileting or have a family member available to assist with post toileting cleaning for participation in this trip.

Food: All food will be provided by BOEC. A standard healthy and American diet is planned. Expect vegetarian options, Dutch oven meals and deserts and lots of cold drinks. Alcohol is not allowed.

Shelter: Tents will be provided and utilized for sleeping quarters. Sleeping bags, sleeping pads and a light sheet will be provided. Privacy and adequate room will be ensured by having plenty of tents available.

Personal Gear: Participants must bring their personal clothes and gear. Because we will be rafting through a semi-desert environment during the summer heat, what you’ll need to bring is minimal: clothes to jump in the river in, protection from the sun, shoes that can get wet and stay on your feet while swimming, casual clothes to wear around camp. Rain gear can be provided by BOEC.

Cost: No cost for all on-course activities.

To get more information for this camp please call or email Claire at the BOEC. 1-800-383-2632 ext. 105 or email: [email protected].

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