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Who: Open to veterans and their families, Ages 10+


Who: The BOEC extends a special invitation exclusively to military veterans and their families.  The program is designed to accommodate veterans who have sustained a moderate to significant injury.  Injuries may include but are not limited to brain injuries, PTSD, and/or amputees.  Due to the social aspect of outdoor adventures and camping, participants must be ready to enjoy the company of other people.

What: A classic western river trip.  A two-part trip, the first part involves floating down Ruby and Horse Thief Canyons of the Colorado River in canoes, inflatable kayaks and paddleboards.  This first section includes 25 miles of scenic views, wildlife viewing, and opportunities for short hikes while paddling down river.  There will also be support rafts to carry gear, and available for anyone who may prefer to float down in a raft.

The second part involves a single day of fun and exciting white water rafting through Westwater Canyon of the Colorado River.  This section of river is rated class III+ to class IV.  You must be at least 10 years old and up to participate in Whitewater section of river. This section includes 17 miles and 11 rapids.

Where: The Colorado River in southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah.  The Colorado river cuts through beautiful canyon country and offers a mild to white water experience.  This is a remote area where there will be no cell phone service.

Why: A multi-day river trip is an ideal setting to reintegrate, acquire new knowledge and skills together, build new bonds, have fun together, and relax.  This offers a chance to get away from every day routines and daily life distractions, where one can find new appreciation for each other, and rediscover their strength and solidity as we travel down the beautiful canyons of the Colorado River.  The Colorado river will provide us great access to a spectacular wilderness environment while supporting veterans who have mobility restrictions.

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