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Welcome to BOEC

BOEC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1976 in Breckenridge, Colorado whose mission is to expand the potential of people with disabilities and special needs through meaningful, educational, and inspiring outdoor experiences. BOEC offers custom-designed, high-quality outdoor recreational opportunities led by well-trained professional staff and supported by over 300 volunteers. People from all over the U.S. and internationally come to participate in BOEC’s Adaptive Ski and Snowboard Program, Wilderness Program, and Internship Program. We serve over 2,500 participants each year of all ability levels including adults and children with physical and cognitive disabilities, sensory differences, veterans and their families, and other historically disadvantaged populations.



What They’re Saying

“The BOEC is a model program in the industry. Their work in adaptive outdoor experiential programs is unparalleled. The activities are taught in ways that demonstrates experiential education best practices. The organization is clearly mission driven and every staff member can articulate the mission in a personal and meaningful way.”

“I just had one of the greatest weeks of my life! From jumping off cliffs into freezing river water to simply just sitting and talking underneath the stars, everything was just so beautiful. It’s funny how quickly someone’s opinions can change. I went into this week wishing it would just end already, and I’m coming out of it with a mustache, an empty chocolate milk bottle, wet socks and shoes, a smile spread across my face, and wishing this week would never end.”

Gwyn, Heroic Family Ruby Horsethief Participant

“The BOEC has been such a blessing for our family. We never thought Andy would learn to ski and the BOEC had him jetting down the slopes on the first day of lessons. Andy used to refuse to go zip lining and there was no hesitation to participate this week. There are so many activities that we weren’t certain if Andy would attempt, let alone enjoy. The BOEC has introduced them in such a way that Andy’s sensory processing disorder is no longer an impediment. I don’t know how you do it!”

Hilda, Local Ski Participant Mom

“From the moment we walked into the lodge we were met with smiling faces that made everyone feel at ease to leave their loved one for a week. There are so many positives aspects of this camp (Challenge By Choice). For example, one-to-one ratio of camper to volunteer, (for us, my son has severe memory loss), this was a real comfort. The amount of activities that were planned were perfect for our group, and the fun impromptu dancing and singing for all. They could not say enough good things.”

Children's Hospital Colorado

“Our camp was beyond fabulous this year and our birthday celebration was something special! It’s hard to believe we’ve been working together for 14 years…seems like we both found our passion. Here’s to many more years of working together on Cleft Camp!”

“I hope I can explain and find the right words to tell you all how full my heart is this weekend. My new brain & life is full of changes and fears, and I was so scared to do something so different. You ALL were immediately accommodating, gracious & kind! Coming to Creative Minds camp helped me so much! Griffith Lodge and camp is magical, peaceful & life changing! Thank you to each of you for our special talks and support. I will never forget each of you and this weekend! Thank you Brain Injury Alliance and BOEC for gifting me with a scholarship to have the chance to personally see and enjoy the grace the BOEC staff has.”

Tamara, Creative Minds Retreat Participant

Tee It Up Golf Scramble – August 19th, 2024

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