Jillian Palacio

Jillian Palacio, Breck Ski Office Coordinator

Breckenridge Ski Office Coordinator

Jillian became part of the BOEC family as an intern in 2013 followed by several years working her way up through the ranks of the Wilderness Program team as an instructor and course director before joining the Ski Program team as Office Coordinator in 2019 where she worked for two years.  In 2021 Jillian became BOEC’s first full time Training Manager developing and overseeing the training of program staff and interns.

Jillian says this about her time at the BOEC: “The BOEC has assisted my growth in every way.  I am a better communicator, listener, facilitator, problem-solver and processor because of the opportunities provided to me by this amazing organization.”  So, now in her dream job pursuing a career that she prepared for in college and in the years since, Jillian points to the BOEC as a key source of her success.  “I’ve been given the change to share my love of BOEC and what we do through training new and old staff on what we do and why.  The BOEC is so special because we make the outdoors a space of opportunity for everyone.”