Austin Brockley

Keystone Adaptive Center Ski & Snowboard Intern

I am a 22 year old senior at SUNY Cortland in my last semester of coursework majoring in outdoor recreation. I was born and raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY and have been exposed to outdoor experiences thought my childhood and in an education setting. I have always been drawn to outdoor recreational activities and sports such as snowboarding, rock climbing and canoeing but it wasn’t until I got to college that I saw it as a career option. I truly believe consistent outdoor experiences and a connection to nature is an extremely important part of human life and is often neglected. Throughout my academic career my outdoor leadership skills have improved tremendously as a result of numerous opportunities to lead outdoor trips, facilitate activities and plan programs. Furthermore, I have worked at two summer camps with a variety of age groups, both as a counselor and as a outdoor adventure specialist. I chose to intern at the BOEC this summer to expand my outdoor leadership skills and enhance my understanding of the administration of outdoor recreation agencies like the BOEC. In addition, working with people with functional differences is something that I don’t have much experience with, but I have always wanted to take my career there.