Kelley and daughter Lily join a group on a trek in Peru

We can’t choose the life we are born into or all of the plot twists that life takes, but thanks to the generous donations from organizations like the MaggieGeorge Foundation, disadvantaged youth in Colorado and New Orleans can pursue excellence in athletics, arts and education. A family foundation is one way to establish a philanthropic family legacy around personally meaningful causes and the MaggieGeorge Foundation, named after two of the family’s beloved dogs, is no exception.

Athletes like Kelley Fox prove that life’s obstacles can be overcome and become an impetus for success. Through her work with the MaggieGeorge Foundation, Kelley wants to share the same uplifting experience that she had with the BOEC as a participant by helping touch the lives of others experiencing challenging circumstances.

Growing up in Colorado, Kelley was no stranger to skiing and spent her childhood skiing in Breckenridge. In 1989, while in college, an exciting time for growth and learning for most young adults, she was in a serious car accident that left her as a T11 paraplegic. This began a phase of her life reshaped by learning how to live a full life with this disability and rediscovering who she was, given this new reality.

Kelly is inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

The Fox family of the MaggieGeorge Foundation.

Three years after the accident, Kelley’s father connected with the BOEC to book a week of mono-skiing lessons. This week spent skiing in Breckenridge opened up new possibilities for Kelley and became a very impactful and life changing experience for her. Through persistence and hard work she became a US Adaptive Ski Team member from 1993-1998. During this momentous time she again connected with Breckenridge, living and training in the mountains and she has remained connected to the BOEC since. As Kelley shares,

“From learning to mono-ski to becoming a US Adaptive Ski Team member all took time and dedication but I attribute the BOEC as the beginning of an amazing career in skiing.”

The mission of the MaggieGeorge Foundation is to assist individuals and organizations that are providing a brighter future to those in our society who would otherwise be unable to reach their full potential. As a family foundation, Kelley Fox states,

“Our priority is to assist organizations that have programs for disadvantaged youth in pursuit of excellence in athletics, the arts, and education.”

The BOEC is privileged to work with a number of family foundations who generously support BOEC’s adaptive programs and we are very grateful to be a beneficiary of the MaggieGeorge Foundation who have donated close to half a million dollars to BOEC since 2008.

Kelley Fox on a recent visit to BOEC headquarters in Breckenridge Colorado with Sonya Norris, Executive Director.