Hi, my name is Nichole Lutz. I’m originally from Houston, TX but live in Denver, CO now. Career wise, I started off in the oilfield and now I’m in construction as a project manager. As for hobbies, I love sports. I play soccer quite often and that’s actually how Maddie and I first met at LSU, where we went to college together.

I also enjoy skiing and love that I’m so close to the mountains. Hiking is another thing that I like to do. It’s so nice to be close to so many places that I can explore. Also, I have an adventure cat that comes hiking with me. I’ve attached a picture below so you can see.

I first learned about BOEC when Maddie said she wanted to come visit and ski and you guys were the adaptive skiing program she found. She had done water skiing before but really wanted to try snow skiing. We hadn’t seen each other in a little while either so it was exciting to plan a visit.

It’s important for me to give to BOEC because you guys make such a difference. Maddie was a huge athlete before she got injured and I think being able to do a sport like this makes her feel just kind of normal again. Also she just looks so happy doing it. And you guys do that for so many people; help them to enjoy something that they used to enjoy or even that they’ve never done before. I think giving monthly contributes to Maddie and I’s friendship because it helps you guys keep doing what you’re doing which in turn allows Maddie and I to keep skiing together. It’s a fun activity that I’m glad we can enjoy together because of y’alls help. Also it gives her more of a reason to come visit 🙂

My favorite BOEC memory was racing Maddie down the timed course. It was a lot of fun. I mean, skiing with her in general was fun but I think that was my favorite. Also her going down black diamonds. The person skiing with her amazed me with the control she had. It was pretty impressive to watch.

I wish others knew more about what BOEC is and what y’all do. I feel like other people don’t know how much of an impact y’all have on people. Also, how much work goes into organizing and planning everything I’m sure.  Also, all of your staff is just so friendly and mostly volunteers right? That’s just so amazing.