Diane Jaffee is not only a BOEC volunteer but a children’s book author. Her latest release, Sheba La Beba and her Furry Forest Friends, tells the story of Diane’s adorable Australian Shepard on an adventure along the Sally Barber trail in Breckenridge. If you are a lover of animals, children, Breckenridge, or the BOEC you will love this story. Especially since Diane is donating proceeds from the sale of Sheba La Beba directly to BOEC. Books are $20 each. To order your autographed copy today please e-mail [email protected] or call Diane at 614-571-7969. Thank you Diane for creativity and dedication to BOEC.

Biography: Diane S. Jaffee

Author, Sheba La Beba and Her Furry Forest Friends

After spending ten years in Breckenridge as a part-timer, Diane Jaffee is now a full-time resident. This is her second children’s book about a rescue dog. The first one, What Did Oliver Do??, is about a real-life Goldendoodle who thinks he is human. Her current book, Sheba La Beba and Her Furry Forest Friends was inspired by her own rescued Australian Shepherd Sheba.  Any chance she gets, Sheba loves to hike up the Sally Barber trail here in Breckenridge with all her dog friends.

Diane is donating a large portion of the book’s profits to the BOEC, an organization close to her heart. She first heard about BOEC from her dear friend, Stan Strauss, who has been a ski volunteer with the organization for five years. After hearing his heart-warming stories about the kids and adults he was honored to help, she decided to volunteer in 2018. It was quite a moving experience, as she mainly volunteered with children on the Autism spectrum. Although it was sometimes challenging to communicate, expressions of joy and exhilaration required no words. After a ski accident in 2019 put her skiing on hold, she hopes to continue volunteering with BOEC soon.